Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation Solutions

Living in the house where you have all the comforts in the world is commendable. However, can you say that you can control the décor and comfort of your house every second? Yes, it is possible with Technygrow's latest technology that can make your home look luxurious and ultra-modern at the same time. You can now control the temperature, humidity, lighting, security and others every second. And, the best part is that these are all automatic. Thus, your life will become more luxurious than ever before.

The advanced home automation solutions include:

  • Take control - Check in to your home from anywhere in the world, turn up the heat, lock the doors, alert the security manual, stream in the music, move your home with your click.
  • External surveillance - Modern locking systems with smart gateways and camera monitoring gives complete security even when you are not at home. Sensors power up the external security equipment.
  • Internal security - Advanced gadgets like smoke sensors, gas leakage sensors ensure complete protection to your loved ones from any accidents and keep you one step ahead.
  • Complete automated systems – It gives you the authority to control the physical features like light, music, temperature, etc. to make sure that only the ideal conditions prevail. Doesn't it feel great to control everything? Like, alter curtains aided with sensors, dim the lights, turn up the temperature or music effortlessly, and a lot more.
  • Saving - Incorporating advanced contact sensors and other smart gadgets reduce loss due to human errors and save a lot of power. For example, the lights and temperature are turned on or off automatically depending on the presence of anyone in the room.

Smart homes are made of a smart core center, some nodal devices, efficient communication channel and an app. The smart core oversees the whole system, nodal devices are present at the infrastructure at different places in the house, apps are the simple, user-friendly interfaces where you can control the whole system and efficient communication channel enables the exchange of data and commands.

It's a delightful living experience that adds up time, comfort and magic in your life.

Restaurant & Bar

Re-define your Restaurant & Bar

Currently, there are tons of bars and restaurants that are still operating in the old, tedious and expensive ways. Though they manage to draw some customers, they fail to give the best ambiance and other facilities or making the desired impression. This leads them to shrink in the market ultimately.

Technygrow automation solutions for restaurants and bars are:

  • Ease the control - It is the remarkable way to control the AV system and lights with just one click. Now play different channels on different LEDs without any hassle.
  • Enlighten Customer Experience - Redefine your customer experience within minimal time and energy by automating lighting, climate, curtain switching systems, and LED systems.
  • Smart safety features - Modern cutting edge features like Gas leakage sensor and smoke sensors ensure complete safety at kitchens and other commercial premises.
  • Enhanced interaction - The incorporation of modern and sophisticated technologies and devices like motion sensors ensure an excellent interaction with the surroundings and a memorable experience to the customers.
Smart Hotel Solutions

Smart Hotel Solutions- Become 5 star instantly

Technygrow knows the constant need of getting the best solutions at affordable rates at the earliest possible in the hotel industry. Thus, shows up with many remarkable features. Some of them are as follows -

  • Enhanced energy management system to help you lessen your expenses and carbon footprint.
  • Automate lighting & temperature systems to create a smart eco-system which turns off the appliances as soon as the guest checks out.
  • Additionally, it helps you as a hotel owner to customize the room systems to boost the client experience.
  • Automated systems include superior gadgets like automatic gas sensors, smoke sensors, air conditioners include complete safety and just the best environment for the guests.
  • Curtain controllers and other automated sensors will help in giving a grand welcome to your guests when they check. They will be greeted with dimmed lights, fresh cool air, and soft music to enhance their mood.

Technygrow turns your hotel into a Smart hotel, where expenses are less, productivity is more and customer can't wait to return.

Health Care Solutions

Health Care Solutions- Fitness & Spa

If the growth of the overall society is the primary agenda, can you leave out fitness and spa? Outdated facilities and equipment can hamper your regular workout sessions at the gym and leave you exhausted, affecting the muscle growth and overall health as well. After all who will go to a spa with outdated services?

Technygrow helps to create an ideal atmosphere at fitness centers and spa while letting you control indoor climate by combining the latest technology with advanced sensors.

Technygrow Fitness & Spa features contain:

  • Control the climate with your fingertips – It enables complete control over the temperature, music, and light intensity in multiple rooms with an easy-to-use interface. Music and external physical features play a major role in workout sessions and spa.
  • Complete automation - Automation at pools and sauna gives great post workout benefits and boosts health. Programming the hot tubs and sauna is a great way to build smart spas. Automated spas and hot tubs involve the use of smart water valves reduce wastage of water.
  • External control - Camera monitoring systems and advanced alarms paired with smart sensors create a flawless security system to prevent intrusions.
  • Environment-friendly - The environment-friendly devices and smart technology reduces power consumption and also saves a lot of water to help create a better tomorrow.
  • Better-than-home experience - Use the smart modern features like smart curtain sensors, air quality detectors to welcome the visitors with an environment better than their home.
  • Technygrow knows what's best for your business and ensures the top-quality services to create the perfect ambiance for the customers. The features are ideal for trainers also as they can control any big fitness or spa center quite effortlessly.

Smart Workplace Solutions

Smart Workplace Solutions

It is up to you if you want to be efficient and more productive while meeting all your needs just in time. That goes a long way in giving complete customer satisfaction and that is the role of Technygrow in your business.

Today's competition demands absolute perfection as you just can't compromise with the quality of service provided to your customers and need to upgrade to latest technologies for the smooth functioning as that leads to an excellent customer feedback. Therefore, Technygrow has come up with efficient smart business solutions to ensure best customer feedback and help your business develop.  Some of them are as follows: -

  • Design your entire office effortlessly - You can set lighting, adjust music and video, and manage temperature as per your wish with just one click.
  • One click security - Arm up all security systems with just one click.
  • Stay Updated - Stay updated with every happening at your workplace with the advanced sensors and video monitoring systems.
  • Comfort and convenience at its best - Forget to compromise with the cutting-edge features like climate control, indoor and outdoor control systems, and others, to set up perfect living standards.
  • Build networks - Smart business solutions include networking of different offices or commercial spaces to monitor more efficiently.
  • Investment – Smart technologies are idealistic from the business perspective as it helps you save big amount while upgrading to the advanced level.

How pleasing is to have someone to secure your business, save your time, and make you look ultra-professional?

Professional Board Rooms

Ideal Assistant Idea for Professional Board Rooms

Board rooms are meant to be among the high priority zones in any workplace. However, some minor errors in the setting like the light being too bright can spoil the essence or the mood. Yes, these minor glitches are enough to turn off the clients. To make your meetings smooth and more professional, our automation technique will help you concentrate on your business more than the working of the devices. This is because the devices will be fully automated and you won't have to worry about setting the right lighting for a meeting. With the help of the Mobile app that we would design for you, you would be able to control the room lighting, projection screen and others. Hence, automation reduces the chances of glitches effectively and also serves as the best personal assistant.

This is exactly where Technygrow steps in with a wide range of latest technologies and equipment to support the daily working and ensure smooth flow of administrative work in your workplace.

Here are some efficient solutions-:

  • One-touch Dimming the light for the presentation.
  • One Touch Adjusting the screen for your audience.
  • One Touch Powering your video conferencing systems.
  • Ensure smooth flow of business with advanced video conference calling features to manage off-site employees easily and eliminate the distance between.
  • Easy to use interface and availability of top quality features with just one click make Technygrow the perfect personal assistant.
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